Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Good God this election has had me on edge. Five days of a hung parliament, speculation, backroom deals with Nick Clegg the Kingmaker-it’s all a bit much. Now to cap it all off Gordon Brown has resigned ninja stylee and David Cameron is the new PM with a coalition government, our generation hasn’t ever seen. In these uncertain times I need a bit of comfort and have been pumping myself with Annick Goutal’s Ninfeo Mio, prices start from £51 for 50ml.

I love Annick Goutal fragrances as they use the best quality ingredients, feel very individualist and interesting and when I wear them I always get asked by complete strangers what I am wearing, fragrance that is- there are loads of weirdos in London, aren’t there??? Anyway, the fragrance is deeply comforting and creamy and was inspired by a visit to the gardens of Ninfa near Rome by Camille Goutal, Annick Goutal’s daughter and Goutal’s Isabelle Doyen. The fragrance like the garden is laced with a heady smooth mix of bitter orange, petitgrain, fig leaf, lavender and the woody accord of the lemon tree. The bottle is also very chic and makes me feel like a lady and starts my day off with a bit of elegance in these unsettling times.

Whatever happens politically in the next few days my Ninfeo Mio will take the edge off and leave me feeling a bit dreamy. LOVELY.

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