Sunday, 22 February 2009

Can you recommend Paraben free Beauty Brands?

Hi Ateh,
My latest obsession is checking all my cosmetics and products for parabens in the ingredients. Do you think we'll see a day when these are totally removed from all products? And can you recommend any paraben-free brands? I like Neal's Yard, and Balm Balm. Any others?

Natural and organic beauty has really become very mainstream, which is fantastic. The more people demand paraben free products the more beauty companies will have to cater to people’s changing needs. Origins are reformulating all their products to be Parabens, Propylene Glycol and DEA free, which is fabulous. I am a huge Origins fan and love their body products and face masks. I’m using their new Dr Weil for Origins, Night Health Bedtime Bath Oil, which is packed full of soothing organic lavender and chamomile oils. The Organic Pharmacy is another great paraben free beauty hot spot which has legions of celeb fans such as Gwyneth Palthrow and Madonna- check out their Carrot Butter Cleanser and Rose Plus Marine Collagen Complex. Burt’s Bees is another great natural beauty company, try their sulfate free Super shiny grapefruit & sugar beet shampoo. Balance me and This works (created by ex- Vogue beauty director Kathy Phillips) are also favourites.

Love Atehx

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