Sunday, 8 February 2009

Poppy King- Lipstick Queen

This week I met one of my beauty heroes Poppy King for a drink in the Covent Garden Hotel. I love the fact she has chutzpah in the bucket load as she created her own lipstick range at the tender age of 18 in the early 90s. She did this great feat, as she couldn’t find a matte lipstick, which echoed the ones she loved from 30s and 40s Hollywood screen idols.

Poppy is a true beauty artist and great fun and is the sort of person I love in the beauty industry. She references the arts and crafts movement and art deco, which can be felt on her packaging and loves the 70s because of its fascination with the 30s. She also loves the 40s and 20s and great films such as Cabaret, China Town, Saturday Night Fever and A Clock Work Orange because of the colour and aesthetic.

She doesn’t follow trends but follows her gut and instincts. With her latest launch The Big Bang Theory Illusion Gloss (out in April,, she has done just that again. Inspired by the Big Bang experiments last year, which tried to recreate the first moments of the universe Poppy has created a new range of 8 glosses. The new glosses will help to expand the look of lips without any irritating ingredients but by clever shimmering pigments which create the optical illusion of full lips. I’m wearing the shade Black Hole, which is a shimmery deep wine/ berry shade, which isn’t sticky and lasts really well. I like the balm like texture and it will have proud of place in my handbag. Poppy King- she bangs

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  1. Dear Ateh

    I use a pencil eyeliner but I am not pleased with the result - I find that it is smudged and the outline of the eyes is not even as one eye is more pronounced than the other. As a mature woman is it better to use a liquid eyeliner or can you give me tips on using a pencil as I prefer not to use liquids.

    Many Thanks


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