Saturday, 7 February 2009

Hen Day Mani/Pedi question from Nell

Hi Ateh, loving the blogs. I have a completely off- the- track question though- A close friend mine who's getting married in the summer has asked me to arrange her Hen day. The general concensus amongst all those coming is to include a beauty/ spa treatment aspect to the proceedings. Considering past Hen days of other lovely girlfriends it seems to me that manicures may be the most practical solution. I was wondering if you have any suggestions of nice places we could visit in central London? Thanks again Ateh, Nell x

Hi Nell,
Beauty treatments where you can all sit around, chat and have a giggle is a good way to go with a hen day. Mani/Pedis are fabulous for breaking the ice as there's a chance some of you guys may not know each other. I love the Leighton Denny Nail Studio in Urban Retreat Harrods, Leighton is celebrity nail expert who has worked with Joan Collins, Jade Jagger and Kate Moss. The space is light and airy where you can have lots of champagne and nibbles while all sitting in pedicure chairs. Another idea is getting in touch with Balance Being,, who have multi talented therapists who can provide facials, indian head massages, tarot card reading, Reiki and crystal healing to create a tailor made beauty experience for you and your friends. Have fun !!!!
Love Atehx

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  1. hi ateh,

    Wanted to ask you, which do you think is the best exfoliating face product and also a moisturizer for very hydrated skin?
    also what do you think is the look for this summer, colours and nail colours etc
    Thank You!


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