Friday, 20 February 2009

Split and cracking Nail Question

Ateh - my nails are really split and cracking with all this cold weather. I keep filing them down but nothing works! My diet is fine so can only assume its the cold... can you recommend any really good nail creams? Its my wedding in 7 weeks - I want my nails to look nice!!

Thanks for your question and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Just like your skin nails can get dehydrated especially in cold weather. To ensure your hands and nails stay soft and supple, oil your nail cuticles every day with Creative’s Solaroil, which is a blend of light oils with vitamin E. Also every time you wash your hands remember to moisturise them afterwards with a rich hand cream look out for ingredients like shea butter, which is ultra nourishing and is found in one of my favourites’s Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy Cream. I also love Nivea’s SOS intensive balm, which contains skin smoothing panthenol and calendula oil.

For an extra boost and to help grow and strengthen your nails and give a gloss to your hair why not try taking a supplement. I am taking Equazen Eye Q Naturally sourced omega 3 and omega 6 fish oils, available in Boots, which has made my nails as tough as teflon and my hair has doubled in volume and stopped breaking after all my chemical relaxing!!! I can’t recommend it enough to help moisturize your skin, nails and hair from the inside out.

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  1. Thanks Ateh - I hadn't thought about moisturising after washing my hands but I think you might have struck upon my problem - I'm a new teacher and have been obsessively washing my hands after lessons as there are a million bugs going round at my school at the moment. Also board pens do awful things to your hands.... Better keep one of these creams on my desk! Thanks XX


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