Sunday, 15 February 2009

Tsars and T-Zones

This Valentine’s Day my husband and I went to see the V&A’s exhibition Magnificence of the Tsars (bless him). I’m a sucker for 18th century history as you know and the exhibition was bursting with the most opulent men’s wear from the court of Peter II of Russia. As I walked around what struck me the most was the quality, pristine colour and detail, which could still be seen on these clothes, which were 300 years old. The craftsmanship was mind blowing. It also got me thinking that these clothes had outlasted both Imperial Russia and Communist Russia. With our current economic downturn it’s also time to start thinking about smart beauty choices and investing in a few quality beauty buys is much better than buying lots of faddy ones you won’t look at twice.

Like an investment wardrobe I believe there are investment beauty buys. Good quality cleansers are major investment beauty buy as they’re the closest things to touch the skin. Deep cleansing is a must if you want glowing skin so always go for the best quality cleanser you can afford. The amazing jackets and uniforms in the V & A were only able to look that good and stand the test of time because they were kept clean and well preserved. To help your skin fair as well, try Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel as it’s soap free, which won’t strip the skin and balm mint and lavender also keeps skin feeling refreshed and calm. Simple’s Moisturising Foaming Facial Wash is also a great soap free wash and leaves skin feeling smooth and protected with vitamin E.

When it comes to a cleansing balm you can’t beat Amanda Lacey’s Cleansing Pomade. It’s expensive but will last for at least a couple of months and good skin means less heavy duty make up and break outs. The texture melts like butter onto the skin and is rich in Vitamin E and D and calendula oil to leave skin soft and clean. A more wallet friendly choice is the iconic Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish with antiseptic hops and circulation boosting rosemary, which gets out mascara without scrubbing. Healthy and clean skin is always a good look so help it stand the test of time with a little TLC.


  1. I also really enjoyed the exhibition! Did you see the tall boots with embroidered lions and bows? I just wanted to reach into the cabinet and take them home, they would look great with skinny jeans!
    Thanks for the great cleanser tips, it is such an under rated product but can make all the difference to your skincare.
    As a dedicated eye liner wearer what eye makeup remover would you recommend?

  2. Thank you for your comments Kim yes it was amazing and alot of those boots would look fabulous on the catwalk today! When it comes to eye make up removers I love Chantecaille's Rose Eye make up Remover. The non drying formula soothes and calms with honey, aloe vera, Chamomile and nourishing rosewater.

  3. Oo I didn't know about that exhibition - I will have to take my A level students, a good excuse for a day out in London!

    Ateh - my nails are really split and cracking with all this cold weather. I keep filing them down but nothing works! My diet is fine so can only assume its the cold... can you recommend any really good nail creams? Its my wedding in 7 weeks - I want my nails to look nice!!


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